3D Printhuset (Denmark) in double expansion

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Press Release  September 27, 2015 Mr. Nicolai Wammen    3D Printhuset (Denmark) in double expansion  – Opens second 3D print store; this time in Aarhus – Takes over existing 3D Systems distributor and launches a PRO company to service  Almost precisely a year ago, 3D Printhuset A/S (Danish for “The house of 3D printing”) opened […]

3D Printing Sep 28, 2015

3D Printed Jewelry – An Artform

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  3D Printed Jewelry Designer Desmond Chan has created some very unique peices of jewelry that could have only been continuously reproduced and manufactured by 3D printing. Below he shares images, inspiration and his direction.    "I am a jewelry designer based in Hong Kong. Inspired by everything, from Modern Art to something I see on the […]

3D Printing Jul 10, 2015

2nd International 3D Photo Exhibition

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You are cordially invited to participate 2nd International 3D Photo Exhibition August 17- 22, 2015 (Accepted 3D Photos Processed Free of Charge into Lenticular Prints) (1) No entry or participation fee. (2) MPO files or digital stereo pairs in JPEG or TIFF accepted. (3) Accepted photos processed into 3D lenticular prints in 16” x 20” […]

3D News Apr 28, 2015


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A new mouse is on the market that makes CAD even better! Unboxing below.  The CadMouse has the cool feel of precision metal with a soft smooth matte black The mouse is as multifaceted and useful as you make it with customizable features and a smooth scroll.  This video gives a nice breakdown of how […]

3D Reviews, 3D Technology Mar 04, 2015

Bronze Filament for 3D Printing

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eSUN is a popular Chinese filament manufacturer which offers a variety of different, innovative 3D printing filaments. Today the eSUN team announced a new addition to its special filament – BRONZE!! “We aim to produce such kind of filament, not only the colour of bronze, but also the metallic of bronze, you can easily finished one bronze […]

3D News, 3D Printing Jan 27, 2015

Graille: Text in 3D

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Written by the founder Paul D. Sprague   The Post Road Press at Two Ems is developing what it calls Graille text processing on the Connecticut shoreline. It enhances legibility by assigning 3D levels to each word based on its statistical rarity. This helps reluctant or marginal readers pick out the sense in a paragraph because […]

3D News Jan 23, 2015

Google and Qualcomm bite into Augmented Reality

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By David Briggs – Stealth mode augmented reality start-up Magic Leap has raised $542 million in Series B financing. Google and Qualcomm led the round of financing, some of the other investors includeLegendary Entertainment, KKR, Vulcan Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Andreessen Horowitz and Obvious Ventures. The Senior Vice President of Android and Chrome will […]

3D News, 3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Oct 22, 2014

3D Is In The Now!

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A 3D printer is fairly straightforward in what it does: it prints three-dimensional objects. In a nutshell, it's the process of turning a digital file into something you can hold, touch, and use. It takes advantage of something called "additive processes." This basically means that when you watch the printer print out your digital file, it will look like […]

3D Technology, Glasses Free 3D Oct 16, 2014

World’s largest 3D print shop!

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Danish Minister opened the largest 3D Print Store in the world and received her mini-me figurines at the popular event in Copenhagen The Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science, Mrs. Sofie Carsten Nielsen, cut the red ribbon at 3D Printhuset yesterday and opened the largest 3D print store in the world. At the grand […]

3D Printing, 3D Technology Oct 06, 2014

The Challenges Facing 3D Printers

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Though still in its infancy, 3D printing has the potential to transform our lives, both at home and at work. With today’s 3D printers, it’s possible to fabricate bones, electronic circuits, human ears, and much more. Here’s how 3D printing evolved over the past decade. A 3D printer works by extruding a material onto a surface. Either the […]

3D News Sep 19, 2014

OMOTE 3D – Realtime Projection Mapping

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By David Briggs on August 18th 2014 Omote 3D is a Japanese company who is doing some very cool stuff with realtime 3D tracking, Projection Mappying and 3D Printing.  In the video below you will see that the effects and graphics were created beforehand but that there is a program allowing it to track her […]

3D Photography, 3D Printing, 3D SERVICES, 3D Technology Aug 18, 2014

Q&A on China’s 3D Market

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The 3D market in China has been called the ‘last one standing’. International 3D distributor Torsten Hoffmann (3D Content Hub) sits down with three Chinese experts to talk about the latest developments. Torsten has licensed a large amount of stereoscopic 3D titles to Chinese broadcasters and VOD platforms and has also successfully exported 3D documentaries […]

3D Broadcasting, 3D Features, 3D Film, 3D in China, 3D News, 3D Television Aug 01, 2014

Holographic 3D Kiosks Coming soon… Again

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Provision Interactive Technologies Inc. announced an agreement with DB Dava LLC to launch a 3D Network starting in a national Pharmacy chain soon.  Provision's 3D holographic kiosks or "3d reward centers" are scheduled to go into the US retail market this year. Although the kiosk will do the same thing as its 2D counterpart it […]

3D News, 3D Technology, Glasses Free 3D Jul 23, 2014

Google Creates 3D Mapping Device

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By David Briggs – Only available to developers so far… but someday soon we may all be building and interacting with 3D worlds around us.   These development kits are designed for professional developers interested in exploring the future of mobile 3D sensing. Developers will receive updates as the software algorithms and APIs evolve. These development kits […]

3D News Jul 22, 2014

3D Printing Gets Smaller

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The Micro 3D printer has broken the record for highest crowdfunded 3D printer at a WHOPPING $3,401,361 with 11,855 backers!  They say they are moving ahead on schedule by fine tuning their engineering designs for highest quality and throughput. At a price of under $400 this new 3D printer company means business! Learn more on their […]

3D Printing, 3D Technology Jul 22, 2014

NEW – Glasses Free 3D Android Apps

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DDD Group has launched TriDef 3D Gallery™ and Dimentia3D™ on Google Play™ both of which are great apps – I tested them on the Neo3do naked eye 3d tablet. TriDef 3D Gallery™ TriDef 3D Gallery enables users to view 2D and 3D videos and photos in 3D on 3D TVs, smartphones and tablets. 2D videos and photos […]

3D Features, 3D Gaming, Glasses Free 3D May 20, 2014

Glasses Free 3D Kickstarter TV

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KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN HERE Dimenco has launched a kickstarter campaign for its very reasonably priced 4K naked eye 3D TV. Dimenco has been developing and producing naked eye 3D displays for the digital signage and medical industry for years but is now taking the leap to become the company that bings this tech to the average Kickstarting 3D […]

3D Technology, 3D Television, Glasses Free 3D, Ultra HD May 20, 2014

Praying Mantis: the 3D Test

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As robotics grow ever closer to being a part of our every day life we are looking for simple ways to give them the toolsets they need to properly function in our world. 3D vision is a very important part of that! Some researchers at the Newcastle University in the UK are testing praying mantis' […]

3D News Apr 26, 2014

3D Series Coming This Summer!

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Today I got a chance to chat with Andrew Murchie and ask him a few questions about the wildly hilarious 3D web series being launched later this year. Andrew is based in Edinburgh UK and runs Enhanced Dimensions a Stereo 3D Animator and Filmmaker.    When do the episodes start coming out? "We are currently editing […]

3D Film, 3D Focus TV, 3D News, 3D Technology Apr 11, 2014

3D Print Preview – STL Viewer

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3D Print Preview for Android is an STL viewer app that saves your time and money while bringing your models to life! You chose the color, orientation, size and on some devices you can view it in real stereoscopic 3D! 3D Print Preview is a mobile app that allows you to visualize and engage with 3D […]

3D News, 3D Printing, 3D Technology, Glasses Free 3D Mar 05, 2014