3D Series Coming This Summer!

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Today I got a chance to chat with Andrew Murchie and ask him a few questions about the wildly hilarious 3D web series being launched later this year. Andrew is based in Edinburgh UK and runs Enhanced Dimensions a Stereo 3D Animator and Filmmaker.    When do the episodes start coming out? "We are currently editing […]

3D Film, 3D Focus TV, 3D News, 3D Technology Apr 11, 2014

3D Print Preview – STL Viewer

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3D Print Preview for Android is an STL viewer app that saves your time and money while bringing your models to life! You chose the color, orientation, size and on some devices you can view it in real stereoscopic 3D! 3D Print Preview is a mobile app that allows you to visualize and engage with 3D […]

3D News, 3D Printing, 3D Technology, Glasses Free 3D Mar 05, 2014

3D Printed Heart Sleeve – Beats Forever

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The heart is a truly amazing organ that beats almost uninterupted for up to and surpassing a century! It's the "almost" part that scientists have decided to tackle. A 3D printed glove for your heart has been developed and printed that can make your heart beat indefinitely! University of Illinois and Washington University researchers created […]

3D News, 3D Printing, 3D Technology Mar 05, 2014

3D @ Digital Signage Expo 2014

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DSE 2014 – Sands Convention Center from 3D Film Connection on Vimeo. 4 days of seminars and 2 days of Expo – top trends were in touch, thin bezel, video wall and gesture.  Kintec Digital Technology applies non switchable parralax barrier film at their factory and had 7" and 5" examples. With lower resolution than […]

3D News, Glasses Free 3D, Ultra HD Feb 19, 2014

RealD TrueImage Image Enhancement Tech used on The Hobbit 2

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RealD TrueImage image enhancement technology debuts With ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ for more immersive and lifelike visuals

3D News Jan 14, 2014

The first 3D experience to reveal animal vision

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Have you ever wondered how your pet sees? The Dassault Systemes ‘All Eyes on Paris’ project puts you in their paws

3D News Nov 20, 2013

3dfocus.co.uk is to close

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To all my fantastic followers, I have some sad news and that is 3dfocus.co.uk will be closing down on January 1st 2014.

3D News Nov 11, 2013

Dassault Systemes – it’s all about the 3D experience

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Stephen Chadwick, MD Dassault Systemes EuroNorth, says products are no longer enough and that it is the full ‘experience’ savvy consumers are looking for.

3D News Nov 01, 2013

New 3D TV app launches

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A cross platform 3D content app has been launched by 3D Entertainment for $7.99 (£5.11) per month

3D News Oct 26, 2013

BBC not shooting Ultra HD using license fee money

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Andy Quested, Head of Technology, BBC HD & UHDTV has told 3D Focus that the BBC is only producing Ultra HD programmes outside the licence fee funds.

Ultra HD Oct 18, 2013

Video sessions in – World’s largest augmented reality event

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800 participants visited Metaio InsideAR last week making it the world’s largest augmented reality focussed industry event.

Augmented Reality Oct 18, 2013

Could a simple webcam be enough for gesture control in VR?

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Extreme Reality technology has the potential to offer virtual reality gesture control and motion tracking without expensive hardware

3D News Oct 14, 2013

Chris Parks delivers the goods on Gravity 3D

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UK Stereo Supervisor Chris Parks makes Gravity 3D one of the those films that ‘must be seen in 3D’ according to reports

3D Film Oct 14, 2013

Global 3DTV sales to increase 166% by 2017

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The market is on track to achieve 157.7 million 3DTV sales in 2017, up from a forecast of 59.3 million for 2013, according to new report

3D Television Sep 26, 2013

30m Man of Steel sculpture coming to Sheffield and Rotherham

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Dassault Systemes has joined forces with artist Steve Mehdi to create a 3 metre model of the giant super-sculpture ahead of its 2015 completion deadline

3D News Sep 21, 2013

World’s first hands free AR car manual using Google Glass

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Augmented Reality research and technology company Metaio will unveil the first hands-free car manual on Google Glass at InsideAR 2013

Augmented Reality Sep 21, 2013

First look at The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug in 3D HFR

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IBC 2013 / Peter Jackson presented a new trailer for The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug, the first showing anywhere in High Frame Rate 3D.

3D Film Sep 16, 2013

Virtual skydiving and premiere of detective Oculus game

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Creative production and technology company Inition are hosting their second London Oculus VR meetup next week

Virtual Reality Sep 06, 2013

NHK testing 8K transmissions in Brazil for 2014 World Cup

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It has been reported that NHK will be testing the transmission of Super Hi-Vision World Cup coverage from Brazil to Japan next year

Ultra HD Sep 02, 2013

Skype planning stereoscopic 3D video calls

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In an interview with the BBC, Microsoft’s corporate vice-president for Skype, Mark Gillett said live 3D video calling is being developed but a long way off

3D News Aug 29, 2013