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3D Focus can proudly offer licensing options for over 100 hours of stereoscopic 3D programming covering a range of genres including:

3D music
3D evergreen sports
3D wildlife
3D travel documentaries
3D animation

Through our partnerships with core distribution networks, we can provide licenses to stereoscopic 3D content for many global territories including China, the Middle East, Europe and America. Rights are available for broadcasting, VoD, 3D Blu-ray and CE manufacturers.

The 3D content available has been selected for quality, longevity and international appeal, produced by professional filmmakers. As 3D production equipment becomes cheaper and a flood of low quality 3D content hits the market, we are pleased to be able to offer your viewers quality 3D programming that is engaging, immersive, inspirational and fun to watch.

For the latest catalogue or to arrange a telephone call to discuss the options email jonathan@3dfocus.co.uk.