3D Photography With One Camera

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3d experience feature logo1 300x166 3D Photography With One CameraDuring the 3D Experience, a company called 3DMedia Corp were exhibiting a new software product called 3DComposer. 3DComposer allows people at home to produce 3D photography of stationary objects with one regular digital camera (or people who can keep still!). The user takes one photograph and very quickly takes another photograph a short distance away from the first one. 3DMedia Corp's 3DComposer software stitches the two images together flawlessly. When viewed on an active/passive 3DTV or via the traditional anaglyph glasses way, the image is as good as a 3D image taken with a dedicated 3D camera.

You can find out more about 3DComposer by visiting www.3dcomposer.com.

Here is a 3D Focus TV interview with Heinz Seltman from 3D Media Corp who briefly explains how the software works …

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