3D Experience Conference Summary

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Kim Venturi,
Chief Creative Officer
National CineMedia

glasses on stand 3D Experience Conference Summary Ken shared some research findings that suggested 3D advertising does work but to be effective, viewers need to become familiar with the 3D effect first otherwise the advertiser’s message is ruined. We were then shown a selection of AMC Firstlook 3D adverts, all of which I have to say were very impressive. Several arguments were then made why 3D ads are the way forward (perhaps not surprisingly from a company who makes its money from 3D advertising).

Research suggests that 3D advertising has an 84% viewer recall; an increased intent to act; the brand is perceived as being more fun and high tech plus there is heightened awareness/engagement on behalf of the viewer because of the physical act of putting on the 3D glasses. Apparently this switches viewers to ‘viewing mode’ which decreases a the likelihood of distractions.

Examples of how 3D can enhance advertising were provided …

  • Conveying spatial qualities (cars, cruise liners, home interiors)
  • Conveying texture (fabrics, food)
  • Conveying design and form (a watch, a shoe or a diamond)

We were then treated to a few 3D adverts. The first 3D advert was for a car called the Scion. The 3D effect put the viewer into the driving seat of the car, offering a more immersive experience – it worked.

The next 3D advert was for a brand of aspirin. The 3D effect was designed to create a feeling of claustrophobia, the feeling you might experience with a migraine. A 3D tunnel drew the viewer into the screen which was an attempt to create a physiological reaction rather than simply advertise the aspirin itself (such as a giant spinning aspirin pill!).

3D advertising often utilises 2D-3D conversion techniques – about half the reel being shown was converted and I have to say, it was very difficult to notice that the footage had been converted. Apparently it costs about $50 – $70,000 to convert a 30 second ad into 3D.

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