3D Focus Consult

Expert stereoscopic 3D consultancy from Britain's leading independent 3D news website (3D Focus Pro subscribers only)

If you are looking to start a 3D project it can be difficult to know where to turn. Many companies have sprung up overnight to capitalise on the growing demand for 3D content but how do you know who provides the highest quality service for the best value?

As an independent 3D news resource, we have interacted with literally hundreds of different companies who offer a range of 3D services and have established a wealth of knowledge, contacts and opinions about most of the UK based 3D companies.

We can now offer a unique service for any person or company seeking advice about the best way to capitalise on any of the markets for 3D. The service is 100% unbiased. We have established a group of partners that we believe to offer the best service. These companies do not pay us to be referred but 3D Focus sometimes receives a commission should business be generated from the referral.

3D Focus has rapidly become one of the most respected 3D news websites in the world. If we recommend a service it is because we are fully aware of what they offer and how they compare to others. We approached the companies we believe to be the best, not the other way round.

We do not offer any services ourselves apart from advice. However, if you were interested in taking a 3D project further we can refer you to a company perfectly suited to your needs. It will not cost you any extra; in fact, it is most likely to cost you less as we have negotiated exclusive discounts with the many companies we believe to warrant recommendations.

So if you are looking for 2D to 3D conversion services, 3D content repurposing for mobile, 3D production, 3D content or 3D training, give us a call. We will be happy to guide you. Don’t forget it is all free!

Email anytime – David@3dfocus.co.uk