BBC Outlines 3D Olympic Coverage

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The BBC’s director of the London Olympics 2012 has revealed how the BBC aims to satisfy 3D viewers whilst not losing any HD coverage.

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In his blog, Roger Mosey said that the BBC will produce a nightly 3D highlights programme which will be aired on the BBC HD channel. Also confirmed is live 3D coverage of the men’s 100m final and the opening and closing ceremonies.

Mosey said “We've chosen these events partly because they mark the pinnacles of the Games but also to minimise the loss of HD that is a consequence of our 3D service… The aim, then, is to showcase 3D for the biggest moments but to preserve choice in a world of conflicting demands.”

As the BBC is required to provide a service to all license fee payers from SD up to 3D, UK 3D TV owners will be missing out on a lot of the 3D coverage people in other countries will be able to watch due to HD Bandwidth limitations.

The BBC won’t be producing any 3D content itself; that is the role of the OBS and the official production partner Panasonic who will be using Panasonic AG-3DPD1 and AG-3DA1 cameras to capture more than 200 hours of 3D games coverage for the rights holders around the globe.

Head of BBC 3D Kim Shillinglaw said “We have always said we believe some of 2012 should be captured in 3D, and we’re delighted to confirm our offer to audiences in the UK, providing them with a new way of getting close to some of the key moments from the London 2012 Olympic Games."

Due to the BBC’s remit of platform neutrality, the 3D content will be available across all platforms including Freeview.

3D Focus readers will know that the BBC will also be showing the games in the Super Hi-Vision format with a picture quality 16 times that of current HD standards. Three Super Hi-Vision cameras will set in locked off positions for different games over the two week period. Audiences will be able to view Super Hi-Vision packages and live feeds in cinema rooms in London, Glasgow and Bradford.

The BBC will be using the 3D coverage of the London Olympic games to gather data about the viewer’s ‘use’ of 3D; presumably to determine the viability of future 3D trials.


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  • L Wilkes

    Pathetic coverage from the BBC.
    If they are incapable of broadcasting more than a few hours in 3D they should be forced by the Olympic committer to give it up to Sky would would do it full justice, like NBC in the USA who will be showing all 200 hours of 3D on its dedicated 3D channel.

    Meanwhile in our own back yard we get 5 or 6 hours…. Epic Fail.

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  • 3D_Guy

    The BBC have really missed a trick with this one, rather than limiting the amount of 3D they show they should have come to agreement with BskyB who will have 3D OB trucks redundant over the summer from the end of the football season.
    Also, why should the BBC HD channel viewers have to loose  Olympic coverage to watching a side-by-side image which if they don’t have a 3D TV be totally lost of them.
    Hopefully, though the coverage will be to a high level with insert packages and features being shot specifically for 3D as opposed to a stereo converted ivy insert from their main coverage.

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