Sony Reflect on 3D Coverage of Wimbledon

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wimbledon cinema 300x142 Sony Reflect on 3D Coverage of Wimbledon Mark Grinyer, Head of Live Production Business Development – 3D & Sports at Sony, reveals his thoughts on how the live 3D coverage of last weekend’s 125th Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

review dividing line Sony Reflect on 3D Coverage of Wimbledon

Produced in association with 3D Sports specialists Can Communicate, Sony Professional installed twelve Sony HDC-P1 cameras – a small bodied HD camera designed for beauty cam and 3D applications, around the Centre Court housed in Element Technica 3D rigs. Press response has generally been positive but were Sony pleased with the overall results?

sony wimbledon camera rig Sony Reflect on 3D Coverage of Wimbledon Mark Grinyer tells 3DFocus “From a technical point of view, it was great to be able to show how far we have progressed since the World Cup last year. For the World Cup, we were really in a technology run to achieve the project, however for Wimbledon we were able to use technology which has been constantly improved from the World Cup through the Ryder Cup, UEFA Champions League Final and at Wimbledon. This meant we were able to concentrate on the production values for 3D. We are very happy with the output and the reports coming back from both cinema and broadcasters show that we were again able to raise the bar for live 3D.”

sony wimbledon cameraman Sony Reflect on 3D Coverage of Wimbledon

Mark also revealed that only one trial match was recorded to review camera positions and, when asked what he would do differently next time, he said that a 3D steadicam would have been nice to compliment the fixed shots.