UK’s Electric Sky to produce ‘mega’ 3D series for 3net

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Electric Sky, the UK indie that boasts a growing library of 3D content under its distribution arm, has been commissioned by Sony, IMAX and Discovery joint venture 3net to produce a 5 x 60’ 3D series called Super Systems.

review dividing line UK’s Electric Sky to produce ‘mega’ 3D series for 3net

The 3D series, commissioned by Tim Pastore, focusses on the technology and man power behind some of the more complex systems we rely on such as super transit including the largest train station in the world, Grand Central Terminal in New York and the US’s busiest International gateway, John F Kennedy Airport. Another episode focusses on mega farming such as the super systems involved in the great Cranberry Harvest (the video below shows clips of what one most presume was the non broadcast pilot).

The 3D series, produced by Electric Sky Productions’ Nick Kennedy and Exec Produced by David Pounds who said “Electric Sky Productions have a strong reputation for producing attention-grabbing 3D factual content. We are thrilled to be continuing to produce with 3net, we have now produced over 40 hours of original 3D programming. ” 

Thanks to Sky 3D and 3net sharing a lot of content, UK viewers might be able to watch Super Systems 3D on Sky 3D in the not too distant future.

Super Systems 3D UK’s Electric Sky to produce ‘mega’ 3D series for 3net


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