3D Entertainment Summit 2012 returns with new agenda

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“Attendees will hear what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear” say the organisers of America’s biggest 3D Summit

review dividing line 3D Entertainment Summit 2012 returns with new agenda

Returning for a fifth year, the Variety magazine supported event will address the continued hard slog to push 3D into the mainstream with less emphasis on ‘company pitches’ and more in-depth discussions and debates. Sessions have been expanded and there will be a strong emphasis on the growth of 3D entertainment in China.

The event, which will take place in LA September 19th and 20th, will also co-host with the MultiScreen Summit 2012 – two days of programming on the growing multiscreen economy and those responsible for creating strategies for their organisations to reach consumers.

The 3D Entertainment Summit has always attracted 'A' list speakers with James Cameron and Tom Rothman presenting at the 2011 event (James Cameron won’t be returning this year as he will be working on the sequels to Avatar).

A session worth pointing out is called “Challenges Amidst Elevated Expectations – The Public Point of View” which will suggest that the expected success of 3D entertainment has been elevated by journalists, Wall St. analysts and by the companies themselves. Like last year, there will be an exhibition (applications are still being accepted) and special seminars presented by International 3D Society.

The industry event starts at $695 for a one day pass when booked in advance) up to $995 for the top ‘Super Event Pass’. However, 3D Focus has negotiated an exclusive 20% discount for our readers meaning you can register for as little as $556 (£355) up to $796 (£510).

You can register hereFor the 20% discount use code 3DR. 

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