Consumers Will Still Want to Play Games in 2D

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screendigest 3d gaming Consumers Will Still Want to Play Games in 2DAccording to a new Screen Digest analyst commentary, 3D gaming will become a profitable niche but with the understanding that many gamers will still want to play games in 2D.

review dividing line Consumers Will Still Want to Play Games in 2D

The analyst commentary, released today, points out that more 3D games are being released than ever before and that the Nintendo 3DS represents the immediate hope for 3D gaming to enter the mainstream. Nintendo’s price cut seems to certainly have injected some life into the console to validate this forecast. Over 200,000 Nintendo 3DS units have been sold in Japan since the global price cut last week and Tesco has struggled to keep up with demand after listing the 3DS for just £115 on its Tesco Direct website.

IHS Screen Digest also warn that 3D is unlikely to become a significant driver in gaming unless developers explore 3D’s strengths.

“If a publisher is building a title from the ground up to take advantage of 3D, return-on-investment is a challenge, because the adoption is not there yet to cover the incremental costs” says the commentary.

“If there is only a small incremental investment required in order to have a 3D 'port' of an existing 2D game, then there is likely to be a stronger case for ROI; estimates for increase in development budget have varied from between 10% to just 0.5%, depending on how accommodating the asset-creation pipeline is for 3D. This represents part of the problem however – the 3D games market will be driven more by unique content experiences rather than through ports, but it will require a content company to make the market and drive up the addressable audience to make 3D-specific titles an interesting ROI proposition. With that in mind, we could be waiting until the end of 2012 to see significant third-party investment in 3DS titles.”

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