Nintendo 3DS Lowest Price is £115 – Price Challenge is On!

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NI Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS Lowest Price is £115   Price Challenge is On!After the red herring of a massively successful launch, subsequent sales of the Nintendo 3DS proved to be disappointing.

review dividing line Nintendo 3DS Lowest Price is £115   Price Challenge is On!

A combination of health concerns, mediocre reviews, high prices, no 'killer' games, a move towards mobile gaming and no proven appetite for 3D gaming has forced Nintendo to slash the price of the glasses free 3D console globally, so much so that it has been suggested that Nintendo will make a loss on each sale (unlikely however!). Never in Nintendo’s history has one of their system’s trade price been dropped so significantly less than 6 months after launch.

Amazon are now offering the Nintendo 3DS for just £115 (a massive saving) with some good value bundle offers. Tesco Direct are also selling the 3DS for £115.

Sainsburys have confirmed a price of £139.99 and GameStop UK have confirmed a price of £134.97.

Some people are saying that Nintendo's price strategy has devalued 3D but it could be a strategy that is needed to keep the console alive. 3D Focus reviewed the console and was generally impressed but considered the price point too high. At £115, the 3DS has suddenly become very appealing, even as a 2D console.

To placate early buyers, Nintendo has offered 20 free downloadable games from Nintendo eShop.

These free games are available to anyone who owns a Nintendo 3DS system and uses a wireless broadband Internet signal to connect to the Nintendo eShop at least once before 23:59 pm (Central European Time) on August 11th. Nintendo also recently launched their 3DS 3D video service which offers a range of short form 3D programming viewable in glasses free 3D.