Oculus Rift creator outlines challenges ahead

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Oculus VR CEO Palmer Luckey warned developers not to rush ports of existing games during the recent Evolve Conference in London

“Developing good VR games is going to take a lot of work," he said: "VR games need to be designed for VR; that is important."

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that aims to transform gaming with stereoscopic visuals, head tracking, wide viewing angle and fast response times. Over 9000 ordered dev kits will start to be shipped out soon, giving developers the chance to understand the mechanics of the system

"A bunch of rushed ports isn't going to be good for VR," he continued, and according to develop-online.net, he revealed an expectation that the first wave of games will be adaptations of existing games.

Luckey also highlighted the expense of stereo rendering and that high frame rates are needed to enhance the sensation of realism: "You need to target a really high frame rate. The problem with VR is that the faster the game runs the more it feels for the player like they are really in the game.  You have to start at 60fps minimum. That's going to be really difficult for some developers."

Read the full report on develop-online.net

Stuff.tv reviewed a prototype Oculus Rift recently and whilst praising virtually no lag, perfect 3D effect and wide viewing angle, the low resolution of the screen was criticized and a complaint of motion sickness although the resolution is set to be increased for the final consumer version due for launch in 2014.