Sony explain why they have gone quiet on 3D gaming

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At E3 in 2010 and 2011, Sony made a lot of noise about the Playstation’s 3D capabilities. That noise has gone very quiet in 2012. Jim Ryan, CEO and president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, tells Videogamer why.

Talking exclusively to, Jim Ryan said that he felt there was no longer any need to focus on 3D gaming in 2012 because Sony “have newer and more interesting things to talk about this year” probably referring to their new augmented reality gadget Wonderbook although he confirms 3D is “still very much part of the platform offering”.

Jim Ryan also said that 3D is not suitable for every game and “there are games where it simply isn't relevant” but when done correctly and for the right game like Uncharted 3D it is “absolutely fantastic”.

The CEO points to the lack of 3D TV sets in people’s homes saying “There's obviously a gating factor of the install base in televisions. You can do whatever you like on the development side, but if the televisions aren't there it becomes rather moot. I think for those who want it, it's there, and it's right that we offer it.”

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