Windows 8 PCs to feature 2D to 3D conversion

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lenovo 3d display laptop 475x296 Windows 8 PCs to feature 2D to 3D conversion


The world’s second largest PC vendor renews license agreement with DDD Group to license TriDef conversion software in new Spring range of Windows 8 systems

The TriDef 3D software will be included with Lenovo’s 3D PC products including the Lenovo All-In-One B3 and B5 series as well as the X and K series 3D Desktop models which use passive displays to deliver a stereoscopic effect.

Chinese Internet Cafe 150x150 Windows 8 PCs to feature 2D to 3D conversionDDD’s TriDef 3D automatically converts DVD movies, video and photo files from 2D to 3D as well as Google Earth. The technology has found a market within the gaming sector, especially in China. Almost all 2D games that use DirectX 9, 10 or 11 can be converted to 3D with TriDef, even if the game was not specifically developed for 3D. It also allows over 750 of the latest 2D PC games to be played in 3D “off the shelf”.

3Dizzy showed 3D Focus several examples of the TriDef conversion software and we have to say – very impressive.

Lenovo systems will also include a selection of 3D programming from

DDD will continue to receive quarterly royalty revenues from Lenovo based on the volume of 3D PCs shipped. It is a company that has successfully made a lot of money from the 3D market, as it focuses on China.

In July on 2012 the company started beta testing its TriDef 3D game conversion software across an estimated 144,000 I-Café sites in China following an 86% increase in profits of the second quarter compared to the same quarter in 2011.

TriDef is available as standalone software for $50.00