Cubify launches free 3D printed photo app

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3D Systems, the company behind the low cost Cube 3D printer, have launched a service which converts regular photographs into bespoke 3D printed cards.

cubify pics1 Cubify launches free 3D printed photo app

Users can select a frame and upload a photo to the apps website. Using sliders, effects can be applied such as the level of detail and thickness. Once the file is processed, it can be downloaded as a file ready to be printed by a $1299 Cube 3D printer at home. 

3D printed photos can be backlit to form a night light cover or equipped with a loop to make custom ornamental gifts. Cubify Pics also provides a free .STL file for use with Cubify cloud printing service and other 3D printers.

“We are absolutely thrilled to host the first real fun and cool photo-to-print app on just in time for the holidays,” said Cathy Lewis, vice president global marketing, 3D Systems. “Be the first to turn your favourite 2D photos into 3D art on your Cube printer today.”

Cubify Pics is the latest app to join a growing range of bespoke applications. Cubify: The Royalizer enables one to design a crown; Cubify: Defenders gives you the chance to create your own spaceship and several applications allow you to design jewellery. With most Cubify applications you can either download the file to your Cubify 3D printer or have it 3D printed and shipped to you for a fee like the bracelet below.

After purchasing My Robot Nation, Cubify offer a robot design service where you can customise a small robot model and have it sent to you after it gets 3D printed at Cubify. Prices range from $18 for a 2” tall bot up to $170 for a 6” bot.

People can also upload and sell their designs through the Cubify site. Customers can receive packaged products (like the bracelet shown above) or pay to download the rights to 3D print objects at home through the Cubify cloud printing service. 

Cubify Collections has diversified too and now offer bespoke 3D printed guitars from $3000. After an order is made, guitar designer Olaf Diegel will contact the customer to tailor the design such as a band’s name printed on the back and the colour. With unusual designs inspired by nature, a 3D printed guitar attracted a lot of attention at last month's 3D Printshow.

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  • Michael Rodolico

    Can I scan in a regular photo of a loved one or pet and get a 3D model?