EXCLUSIVE – 3D survey results reveal mixed thoughts on 3D

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The penultimate 3D Focus survey results reveal readers believe 3D television is the next big thing in home entertainment but still feel there is a limited amount of content available.  
review dividing line EXCLUSIVE   3D survey results reveal mixed thoughts on 3D

Between 500 – 800 readers responded to each question and although one would reasonably expect 3D Focus readers to be more likely to be embracing of 3D than average, previous poll results have shown that our readers can be just as critical of 3D as others.

With the exception of one question, readers were only able to vote once so each registered vote is from a unique person.

In summary, the results indicate…

Many voters expect 3D to become ubiquitous.
3D ticket premium prices for movies are only justified when a movie is shot natively in 3D.
There is still a large perception there is little or nothing to watch on a 3DTV.
3D TV is the next best form of home entertainment.
In store demos of 3D televisions are having an encouraging affect to purchase.
The majority disagree with Sky’s Chris Johns who said “3D will be the prime viewing choice” during the 3DTV World Forum last year.

thin dividing line EXCLUSIVE   3D survey results reveal mixed thoughts on 3D

For more detail, here are the precise results for each question…

Do you think 3D will become truly ubiquitous? (ATM screens, portable DVD players, websites etc)
722 respondents

49% voted yes
38% voted no
13% voted “don’t know”

Do you think 3D warrants the price premium in the cinema?
783 respondents

17% voted yes
35% voted no
48% voted “Yes if shot in 3D but not if converted"

How important will 3D be in your next computer choice?
750 respondents

20% voted essential
29% voted “Would be nice to have”
31% voted “Won’t have any influence in my decision”
20% voted “Only interested if it was a glasses free 3D computer”

What are your perceptions of 3DTV? 
532 respondents who could vote on more than one option

33% voted “Sets are expensive”
46% voted “There is nothing/very little to watch on them”
35% voted “3D services are too expensive”
12% voted “Poor compared to cinema experience”
27% voted “Finally affordable”
33% voted “Glasses are too expensive”
37% voted “Technology has reached a compelling/exciting level”
32% voted “Only good if screen size is big”
12% voted “Unsocial viewing experience”
4% voted “My lounge is too small for a 3DTV”
12% voted “Social experience”
2% voted “I don't like blockbuster films and sport – it's not for me”
15% voted “Screen becomes too dark when viewed through glasses”
16% voted “Just a fad”
52% voted “It’s the next best form of home entertainment”

How important will 3D be in your next TV choice?
771 respondents

35% voted “Essential”
23% voted “Nice to have”
18% voted “Couldn’t care less”
24% voted “Already own a 3D TV”

If you've seen an in-store 3D TV demo did it…
604 respondents

56% voted “Encourage you to buy” 339 (56%)
10% voted “Discourage you to buy”
22% voted “Make no difference”
12% voted “Have not seen an in-store demo”

Chris Johns, Sky "3D will become the prime way of viewing TV" Do you agree or disagree?
554 respondents

38% voted “agree”
62% voted “disagree” 

What do you think of these results? Do they suprise you? Or what you would expect? Please let us know below!