4K Full HD 110” Monster 3DTV showcased

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Shenzhen-based China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co Ltd., a subsidiary of TCL Corporation have recently unveiled the world’s largest 4K 3D TV.

review dividing line 4K Full HD 110” Monster 3DTV showcased

4K 3DTV 4K Full HD 110” Monster 3DTV showcased

Two of the 110 inch LCD sets were donated to the “Great Hall of the People.” for public display purposes during a ceremony on March 9th.

The screen specs are advanced as you can get. Based around active/shutter technology, China Star have implemented a 4Kx2K (4,096×2,160 pixels) resolution, multi-touch technology, intelligent and dynamic backlight technology, ultra-high brightness of 800nits, and 92% NTSC colour gamut. They also feature the company’s self-developed Fine Stereo Performance (FSP) technology application.

Major breakthroughs in technology have been achieved using “high-end lithography, oversized partial affixed technology and advanced backlight techniques”.

Quoting from the press release “The China Star technology is in line with industry trends and consumer demands. With the unprecedented size of the display screen, touch technology and 4Kx2K resolution, consumers will be able to truly immerse themselves in the viewing experience, enjoying realistic life-size images, which is totally unique from traditional TV displays….The implications for TCL’s newest large screen technology, for not only its customers but for the entire field of 3D HD displays are numerous. Continued advancements in quality equate to continued customer satisfaction and will ensure TCL’s position as a true global player in this industry.”

These 4K 3D displays are more of a technology showcase so such high resolution 3D sets will not be available to consumers any time soon. However, one of the biggest complaints about 3D is the loss of resolution (on passive sets) so an increase in resolution will be vital if the industry wants to deliver a quality 3D experience.

Toshiba recently launched a 4K glasses free 3DTV. However, due to the way glasses free 3D technology works, consumers won’t experience greater resolution levels than SD standards.The Toshiba 55 inch 55ZL2 glasses free 3DTV currently costs  £7000.