Augmented reality on your TV

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Visual SyncAR 475x298 Augmented reality on your TV


NTT develop world’s first video synchronising AR technology

'Visual SyncAR' relies on digital watermarks embedded into video content which is detected by the viewing device such as a tablet or smartphone.  When the tablet is pointed towards the screen, text and graphics are overlaid over the image or could even come out of the set and into the living room.
Synchronised content will even work if the scene is rewound or paused. 
The applications for this could be purely for entertainment.  For example, during an episode of X-Factor, CG characters could jump out of the screen and dance along to musical performances.
For outdoor environments, the technology could be used to display sign language or foreign translations. 
Advertisers and retailers could offer hyperlinked annotations to appear over clothes or products so people could instantly buy online or be taken to a price comparison site.
Watch the video below to see it in action…


  • Kapil_Jain

    i just have one word to express myself, “WOW”. I was so excited to see this. The first time I saw Augmented Reality was because of AdStuck. Since, that day I wanted to see Augmentation through a video. Great Job