Nintendo 3DS Television Service Starts Tomorrow

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News that the Nintendo 3DS would be able to display 3D video has been around for a while but dates for an official 3DS video service have been sketchy. However, it has now been confirmed that Japanese 3DS owners will have access to a 3DS television service from tomorrow according to Official Nintendo Magazine.

review dividing line Nintendo 3DS Television Service Starts Tomorrow

Major TV broadcasters Nippon Television Network and Fuji TV will be supplying Nintendo with bespoke original daily 3D content which 3DS owners will be able to watch for free (and glasses free of course).

A variation of the Spotpass feature will be used to download the short programming under the official name Itsu no Ma Ni Terebi which will no doubt be on YouTube by tomorrow.

Nintendo must be hoping that the 3DS television service will boost the flagging sales of the 3DS which have been significantly lower than expected after an initial pre-order flurry although sales have still managed to top one million units in Japan.

It was expected that the UK Nintendo 3DS television service would start this month including Eurosport 3D and Sky 3D content but there has been little news of late so it is expected that the UK service will now start in July.