Nissan showcase 3D water hologram technology

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Nissan have wowed audiences in Canada as part of the country’s 145th birthday with a car promotion that projects a video of a Nissan Altima onto a layer of water.

review dividing line Nissan showcase 3D water hologram technology

The 3D water shows travelled to the Canadian cities of Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver treating audiences to a giant Altima Sedan driving along the water and even diving into the surface. The show commences with a giant lighthouse that emerges from the water and its searchlight follows the 2013 model as it does 360 degree turns and stunts. It culminates with a dramatic splash as the lighthouse is demolished and falls into the water.

The results look impressive, as you can see from the video below. Nissan are embracing new 3D technologies for their car promotions. Last week we reported that the car giant had installed a virtual reality flying experience as part of its ‘Built to Thrill’ campaign at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.


  • Nissan CANADA is not for sale

    If Nissan wanted the ad to make me a buyer they are wrong. it really wants me never to buy anything Nissan. CANADA is not for sale and don’t block my Canada Day fireworks again.

  • Pawlo Pascual

    why is there a canada day?lol