Pace Smart Rig may cut 3D production costs (CES)

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Co-chair of CAMERON | PACE Group Vince Pace reveals cost cutting 3D solution as part of his company's on-going pursuit to drive down the costs of 3D production to the level of HD production writes Adrian Pennington from CES in Las Vegas

review dividing line Pace Smart Rig may cut 3D production costs (CES)

Vince Pace has revealed a few more details of the Smart Rig technology which CAMERON | PACE Group is set to launch later this year.

Speaking at a panel session discussing the economics of 3D content production, the co-chair of CPG said: “One of the new technologies you will see from CPG this year is Smart Rig which is a think tank in a camera. Similar to the way we can design lighting settings for a show and apply that lighting design in a consistent manner Smart Rig is a system that will develop that look for 3D".

He continued “We have shot demos where the DP, director and first assistant have gone out and shot HD in 2D and in 3D but without the added layers of a stereographer and the whole 3D entourage. We are starting to reduce the amount of crew required by making 3D a hardware play. The hardware will be intelligent enough to develop a style for a HBO show or another for ESPN, and to repeat that style during production.”

He added: “We are presenting business models that targets the economics of production for TV and film while keeping quality. We need to maintain quality and bring in the economics. The industry is now talking about 3D as a commodity or as a business, dull perhaps, but a practical reality. We are going to get the cost of 3D production down to the cost of HD. As the tools get more integrated to each other, the industry will naturally progress to a state where we fill this black hole of content in 3D.”

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3net logo 150x150 Pace Smart Rig may cut 3D production costs (CES)"3D will not replace HD, it will run in parallel with it" says 3net President Tom Cosgrove

Also on the panel was Tom Cosgrove, president and CEO of 3net, who said: “There was considerable hype three years ago that 3D will take over HD. That was never going to happen. Instead it will be a choice which people will make. By the end of the 10-14m households in the US will have 3DTVs. Already there are 90 million 3D device displays globally. It is on us as producers to innovate content but we have to narrow the gap in economics between 2D and 3D.”

He added: “The reality is that this is a business that is going to stay. We still have 50-60% of moviegoers choosing to pay more to see a film in 3D. So I think there are a lot of strong signs. 3D will not replace HD, it will run in parallel with it.”

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