Qube launches high frame rate 4K 3D projection

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Digital cinema technology company Qube Cinema has showcased a solution that can deliver high bit rate high frame rate 4K resolution 3D projection from a single DCP and single server.

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Qube XP I Server w QubeXi4K IMB Qube launches high frame rate 4K 3D projection

Using two Barco projectors, the company exhibited scientific IMAX film Space Junk 3D (which was released in North American cinemas last Friday) at the Moody Gardens Digital Cinema Symposium. Attendees at the Galveston, Texas event, watched the CG heavy movie on a 80 x 60 inch screen at 800 Mbps; three times the maximum DCI bit rate specification of 250. The data speeds of the Qube XP-I server make it possible, for the first time, for a single server with one DCP to drive two projectors, each with their own IMB.

space junk 3d poster 203x300 Qube launches high frame rate 4K 3D projection "Seeing the film in 4K 3D was a startling experience," said Melissa Butts, the director of Space Junk 3D. "All the hard work we put into shading, lighting and textures was that much more brilliant and remarkable. What Qube is offering is very exciting for filmmakers and audiences. With all the detail, everything just looks and feels more real."

“With 4K 3D, and the high frame rate capabilities of the Qube XP-I server, the promise of digital cinema is now being realized,” said Rajesh Ramachandran, president and CTO of Qube Cinema. “Exhibitors can now offer a truly stunning theatre experience for their patrons.”

With high frame rate movies set to become popular, Qube Cinema also used the occasion to showcase the high frame rate capabilities of the Qube XP-1 server. Using 2K 3D content, the company gave the audience the opportunity to compare 3D material between 24,48 and 60 frames per second. The system is also capable of displaying 120 frames per second (in 2K mode only).

3D cinema is particularly prone to the flicker artefacts of fast moving images leading to high profile directors such as Peter Jackson and James Cameron to shoot their next 3D movies in higher frame rates.

"I was most impressed with the Qube XP-I's ability to play back all our high bit rate 4K and high frame rate 2K content from a single server," said Andy Wood, senior vice president, Business Development at D3D Cinema and Giant Screen Films.  "Before Qube's innovation, at standard DCI specs, we could only achieve dual projector 4K 3D playback with a complicated double server configuration which included ancillary sync generators and a very restrictive setup.  Qube Cinema has made 4K 3D and high frame rate 2K a reality."

As currently configured, the Qube XP-I server with the Qube Xi 4K IMB is capable of data rates of up to 1,000 Mbps – or 500 Mbps per projector, allowing for 4K stereo 3D.

There are currently 3000 screens globally installed with Qube Digital Cinema servers. 

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