Dixons launch sub £300 42″ passive 3D TV

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Although the recent 3D Focus survey indicated there is still a public perception that 3D TVs are expensive, LOGIK have achieved a price breakthrough – a sub £300 passive 3D TV

review dividing line Dixons launch sub £300 42 passive 3D TV

UPDATE – Currys must have made an error and increased the price to £399! Not as good – but still a good deal.

Not only is the LOGIK L423ED11 a 3D TV, it is also full HD, 42” and LED backlit. It also boasts a response time of 6ms and an impressive 10 pairs of 3D glasses, although the contrast ratio of 1400:1 might disappoint some (but hey – look at the price!)

LOGIK is a Dixons Retail brand focussed on low cost consumer electronics and one can safely assume that Dixons hopes to shift a fair few of these sets in the lead up to the 100 hours of London Olympics 3D coverage being broadcast on Virgin Media and Sky HD.

Recently, John Lewis reported a surge in television sales although that was associated with the digital switch over. One thing is for sure, as the price of 3D TV sets plummets, the challenge will be getting people to A) know they have a 3D set in the first place and B) providing compelling enough content for them to get the glasses out of the draw after the initial novelty and impressing friends at dinner parties.

You can buy the LOGIK L423ED11 3D TV from Currys and despite its low price, has achieved a ReeVoo score of 9.7/10.

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