LG expand premium 3D library and make it free

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LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs now offer a large library of free 3D content available via the 3D World App, much of it previously charged for as download or 3D Blu-ray
review dividing line LG expand premium 3D library and make it free

LG 3D World Interface LG expand premium 3D library and make it free

When LG launched its 3D World Smart TV app, the programmes were limited and varied in quality, but UK viewers can now stream documentary, lifestyle shows and general entertainment shows that have done the rounds at MIPTV as premium products as well as a few currently selling on 3D Blu-ray.

Large budget 3D concerts such as Kylie 3D – Aphrodite Les Folies, Berlin Philharmonic: A Musical Journey in 3D and Lord of the Dance 3D (currently £9.57 on Amazon) are available as well as high end 3D documentaries. Fire Ants 3D: The Invincible features 3D macro photography and explores the secret world of the fire ant and Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Dolphins & Whales (which currently costs £9 on Amazon) is an original IMAX 3D underwater production. Others include 3D Ocean Adventure, Wild Earth 3D Safari, Alligator Kingdom 3D, MicroWorlds and Extreme Nature of Bats.

Complementing the documentary section are a wealth of 3D lifestyle shows – some good quality, some not so much, but the genres span fitness, cookery, fashion, motoring, hotels and travel. There are over 50 videos under the Lifestyle category alone.

Sport hours are more limited but again, there are now some high quality programmes available here with shows like The Physics of Surfing, 3D MotorCross, Pro-wrestling G1 Climax and 3D Grand Prix.

There are also now some more unusual programmes that really make a virtue of the 3D capabilities of the set. Korean shows Wonderful Bubbles and MagicWorld in 3D have that retro theme park 3D cinema vibe. But what is most impressive is the LG sponsored music video Mr Simple. Full of highly extreme (but effective) 3D, this really is the clip to show visitors who have never seen a 3D TV before!

Some arty animations from the National Film Board of Canada, Chaplin cartoons, puppet shows and a huge series of technical CGI based science videos about how various things work can also be found on the platform.


PPV content is rare. In fact, we only found a handful of programmes which included Seoul Tokyo Music Festival Part 1 and 2 2010 for £1.39 (for each part) and Disney’s John Carter available to rent for £7.19.

LG should be credited for supplying so much 3D content for free. However, it is all hidden away. One needs to be aware of the LG 3D World app in the first place. Searching and scrolling through content is laborious and in a time of fast results online, the TV interface can feel clunky

The question can be widened to the use of Smart TV in general. If you own a Smart TV, how often do you use the apps? Connected TV was surrounded with considerable hype when launched (maybe not as much as 3D) but without calls to action (like the BBC have with “Watch on BBC iPlayer”) how often will people navigate through several menus to seek the 3D content available? Also, the fact that it is free, indicates a lack of demand from the consumer, otherwise LG would be keen to charge now the billing mechanisms are in place.

If you own a connected LG 3D TV and have not visited the 3D World App have a look. It would be great to hear what you think!

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  • Doogy

    The problem is that the content still seems sub-par for the most part. I’d rather pay $5-10 to rent Avatar or Hugo than watch 3D clips for free.

  • Damiano

    I don’t understand where all this stuff is supposed to be. In the 3d world app there is nine of it, even when I do searches.

  • dave

    my lgla641v 3dworld only has korean short movies,i was told that my tv is an import and that i cant get Disney and all the other 3d content , all the other smart apps work,just not the 3d world,