3D TV gets slated on The Wright Stuff

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The last segment of today’s Wright Stuff talk show debated whether 3D TV makes people feel sick.

review dividing line 3D TV gets slated on The Wright Stuff

The Wright Stuff 3D 3D TV gets slated on The Wright Stuff

Matthew Wright’s popular talk show, seen by at least 500,000 people, may have left anybody considering the purchase of a 3DTV with no hesitation but to stay well clear as panellists, guest callers and an audience member agreed 3D did not belong in the home.

Host Matthew Wight highlighted the dismal 3DTV sales. 550,000 3DTV sets were forecast to sell this year but the actual sales figure is likely to be closer to 150,000. Wright said that 3DTVs ranged in price from £500 – £5000 with glasses costing up to £90 each on top of subscription to ‘3D services’ such as Sky’s £60 package. He finished the intro with a quote from MailOnline saying that 1 in 4 people can suffer medical problems as a result of watching 3D TV.

Actress Gemma Bissix enjoyed Avatar but complained that the 3D made her feel unwell saying “We had the choice to see Harry Potter in 3D and I said no, I want to watch the film for what it is, I don’t want to be distracted”.

However Shameless star Karen Bryson was optimistic about 3D in the cinema but felt the glasses would make it an unpopular viewing option in the home saying “I went to see Avatar and I had the polar opposite experience. I had a great time. It was an 'event' but in the home could you imagine wearing glasses? It’s really insular and another reason not to talk or interact.”

Comedian Mark Little’s contribution was “I went to see Tron: Legacy 3D – that was a mistake; what a shocker that was! It does make you sick. John Logie Baird invented the television to be 3D but the BBC said no one is going to want that so let’s make it 2D” He continued … “I think it's gadget gimmickry. Humans do it anyway with their eyes.”

‘Jason’ called in to say “I was silly enough to get one and once it was set up it was like walking onto the deck of the Starship Enterprise. After you spend an hour tuning your glasses in and then you put your favourite boxing film on it’s like taking your life in your own hands. I took it back and got my money back."

“I think 3DTV is rubbish!” shouted on audience member.

Although some of what was said was not true or misleading (for example, Sky does not offer a '3D services' package for £60 – Sky 3D is offered as a free channel for those subscribers who take out the top tier package which includes all the movies and sport) it does highlight the mountain the 3D television manufacturers have to climb to convince a cynical public that 3D has a place in the home. With a daily audience of approx 500,000, this morning's The Wright Stuff episode means that mountain just got slightly higher.