3dfocus.co.uk is to close

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3D Focus Logo 475x132 3dfocus.co.uk is to close

After three great years, 3dfocus.co.uk is closing

To all my fantastic followers, I have some sad news and that is 3dfocus.co.uk will be closing down on January 1st 2014.

It is not an indication that there is a lack of appetite for 3D news, whether that be stereoscopic content, virtual and augmented reality, as well as 3D printing and scanning – if anything, there is more demand than ever!

It is just it has been very challenging to keep the blog regularly updated as I focus on other ventures.  You may have noticed new stories are posted less frequently and I feel the blog deserves more attention than I can give it.

I want to thank everybody who has supported 3D Focus with interviews, invites to great occasions, products to review and promotion.

I started the blog in 2010, when the box office success of Avatar was generating a lot of interest in stereoscopic entertainment. Since then, things have settled, but as we see from the amazing 3D success of Gravity, it is clear that the format has a strong future – perhaps not as much as expected, but as a premium experience that, when done right, will bring the audiences in.

You may already be aware of these websites but for stereoscopic news keep reading www.stereoscopynews.comwww.3droundabout.com and www.marketsaw.com 

For the best virtual and augmented reality news website out there visit www.roadtovr.com.

I also want to give a shout out to 3D specialists Triaxes who do amazing work in the field of glasses free 3D. Please check them out if you are looking for a stereo to autostereo 3D solution. My trip to visit them in Russia was one of the highlights of my time on 3D Focus!

3dfocus.co.uk will still continue in a limited form up until January 1st, and I have some interesting stories lined up so please still drop by.  Post January 1st 2014, any stories I find will be put out via my Twitter account and my email service (you can sign up via the box on the right side of the website).

3dfocus.co.uk is available for anyone who would like to make an offer for it, perhaps to support their own 3D enterprise.  If that is of interest, please contact me – jonathan@3dfocus.co.uk.  Ideally I would like it to keep going in some capacity.

As I don't get time to update it these days, the traffic is not what it was, but it still gets 11,000 unique visits a month and would soon increase with regular updates so it could be a nice niche website for someone.  It contains 870 articles, is Google News indexed (so each story appears on the Google News page within minutes of posting) and has a Page Rank of 5.

Also, if anyone needs some freelance PR, please give me a shout, as I am well connected to the UK tech media.

Thanks again folks – I will still be running the same email address (jonathan@3dfocus.co.uk) so always feel free to give me a shout and say hi!

Best regards



  • benz145

    Very sorry to read this news today. 3D Focus provided thorough and thoughtful stories that have been representative of the best of independent blogging. Anyone who has tried to strike out on their own in the world of blogging knows that it’s extremely difficult to gain a toe-hold, even with significantly higher quality content than found on many bigger sites and mass media. Here’s to your success in your future endeavors.

  • Jonathan

    Thank you for such a great comment Ben. It is tough but it has been a lot of fun and met some great people as a result, including yourselves! I believe your site will grow from strength to strength and I’m looking forward to contributing to it!

  • Pete

    Sad news, I enjoyed reading this blog fairly regularly. Thanks and good luck.