BBC and NHK complete Super Hi-Vision London film

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BBC Super Hi-Vision Olympic project leader Tim Plyming has talked about the BBC’s lead up to the London Olympics Super Hi-Vision trial.

In his blog post, Plyming says that a BBC/NHK crew have just finished a week’s filming of iconic London landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Greenwich, The National Theatre and a sequence where the Olympic rings appear as Tower Bridge is lowered – a defining Super Hi-Vision moment according to Plyming.

This is for a special film which will play ahead of the start of the Olympic Games. The team have been using a new compact Super Hi-Vision camera, microphone and a moderated OB vehicle imported from Japan. BBC R&D have also been building the first Olympic Super Hi-Vision production studio at BBC TV Centre which will go into 24 hour operation from the start of the Olympics in less than two week’s time.

Super Hi-Vision, which offers 16 times greater resolution than HD and 22.2 surround sound, is one of those things that really has to be seen to be believed and members of the public will have an opportunity to watch the games in the crystal clear format at one of three UK locations in Bradford, London and Glasgow. Using a 20GB backbone connection, thanks to the JANET network, viewers will also be able to watch the Super Hi-Vision trials in Tokyo and Washington.

For more information about how to get tickets for the screenings visit Tim Plyming’s blog post. You can read an exclusive interview with Tim Plyming on our sister website


  • Trevorjharris

    To waist money on Super HD at a time when the BBC has been cutting back in all other areas is a disgrace. The BBC should be spending money on providing a proper HD service now rather than on Super HD which the BBC will not provide for many years. 

  • I respectfully disagree. HD would have come about from similar trials many years ago and a lot of funding would have come from NHK. We need the BBC to look at future technologies as, aside from Sky, most commercial channels won’t invest in it. It would also be a very small amount of money in the grand scheme of things.