Behind the scenes look at MYO headquarters

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Myo a 475x258 Behind the scenes look at MYO headquarters

The founders of MYO – the futuristic gesture control device that interprets the electrical signals in the wearer’s arm muscles, have released a new video.

The MYO has generated a lot of interest as it requires no cameras to track hand or arm movement.  So to flip a TV channel you can flip your hand; to fire a gun in a computer game you just need to form a gun shape with your hand.  This interest translated into 25,000 pre-orders for the dev model but shipments won’t start till the end of this year.
Thalmic Labs is a North American based company headquartered in Waterloo and the new video shows how large but self contained the operation is. 
It’s all being developed in house and prototyped using a Dimension Elite Performance 3D Printer from Stratasys.
myo c 475x256 Behind the scenes look at MYO headquarters
“This really accelerates the process and allows us to evolve the product at a faster rate.” says Scott Greenberg, Developer Relations
In the video Stephen Lake, Co-Founder and CEO of Thalmic Labs says: “For the MYO we are solving that fundamental question how we connect the real and the digital world enabling us to do new things that were not previously possible.
We use the electrical signals from your muscles as you move your hand to detect what you are doing with your fingers.
We also sense all the motions and rotations of your hands and we plug that it wirelessly via Bluetooth to just about any electronic or digital device."
Co-founder Matthew Bailey says: “We designed this device so it’s almost not there – you won’t even feel like you will notice it.” He continues: “We are really excited to be getting a ton of awesome feedback from everyone that has pre-ordered the device.”
The developer programme will be launched in the next few months and there could be some interesting apps around the corner according to Scott Greenberg: “I’m getting thousands of emails every day telling me what they are thinking of building and I’ve got to say I’m amazed at the ideas I am getting and I’m really excited."