Dimenco 50” Ultra-HD glasses free 3D display gets UK launch

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DIMENCO Horizontal 475x189 Dimenco 50” Ultra HD glasses free 3D display gets UK launch


3D solutions company, Stereoscape Ltd. has partnered with Ogilvy Labs to launch Dimenco’s 50” Quad Full HD autostereoscopic display for the first time in the UK.

People are invited to see the display for themselves at the UK launch on April 16th. A demo version was shown at IBC last year leading James Cameron to say he felt remotivated to continue with 3D at the time.
‘We are very excited to launch the first Ultra High Resolution 3D displays to the UK market” says Bas Ploeger, Managing Partner at Dimenco Displays. “For the first time we are capable of generating a QFHD 3D experience to consumers without the need to wear the special glasses. From earlier studies we know that advertising in 3D significantly increases dwell time and retention rates of the advertised message. This opens up great opportunities for advertisers’.
The 50” 4K 3D TV features a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and will be offered for visual communications and experiential marketing by Stereoscape.   
Stereoscape Ltd’s General Manager, Jason Robinson, comments ‘it’s a great honour to host the UK launch of the 4K screen.  The Stereoscape team have been amazed by the 3D images we are able to produce on the new Dimenco screen. We are looking forward to building on our strong relationship with the team at Dimenco to really push the glasses-free 3D experience to another level over the next few months’.
‘Ogilvy Labs is honoured to have been partnered with the team at Stereoscape Ltd, inspiring and educating our agency to all forms of 3D. We are excited to be given the opportunity to be hosting the launch of such an exciting innovative product in the UK’ says William Harvey, Creative Lab Technologist at Ogilvy Labs.
The launch event is by invite only.  

If you want to see it for yourself  contact jason.robinson@stereoscape.com.

Bas Ploeger explains the basics of glasses free 3D technology >>>

In other Dimenco news, the company will be showcasing two new additions to their conversion software from today at NAB.

@DEPTH 2.0 offers a new and improved ‘Accurate’ algorithm for more precise 2D to 3D conversion.. 
Based on Philips and Dolby technology, it is a semi-automatic conversion solution that uses depth maps. These depth maps are grey scale images in which the user can bring objects to the front by coloring them whiter and can bring objects to the back by coloring them a deeper black.
@DEPTH 2.0 can also be used as a tool to edit 3D stereo-content. It calculates the depth information from high-definition stereo content in a fully automated process, using the disparity between the left and right images. This gives the user the ability to compose shots, edit the amount of depth per frame and render for different types and size of 3D screens.
The depth information can be used to generate high-quality stereo or auto-stereo (glasses-free) 3D images. Previews of the converted content can be shown in real-time on a Dimenco glasses-free 3D display or a traditional glasses-based stereo 3D display.
depth 475x183 Dimenco 50” Ultra HD glasses free 3D display gets UK launch
Another service being being shown at NAB is the Depth Maps Creation Service (DMCS).  Via @DEPTH 2.0 the user can make use of Dimenco artists, who can manually create the depth maps.
Using the @DEPTH 2.0 software depth maps of the key frames can be ordered for $5. The user uploads their chosen keys frames via @DEPTH 2.0 and order the depth maps for these frames. The ordered depth maps are finished within 3 working days. With the created depth maps @DEPTH 2.0 will calculate the depth maps in-between, keeping the cost of conversion quite low.
@DEPTH 2.0 will present its new features for the first time at NAB in Las Vegas from today up to the 11th of April. 
The trial version of @DEPTH 2.0 is available via the Dimenco website. Estimated license per seat per year is $2500. Educational pricing as well as volume licensing are available.