Focus on 4K at BVE and MIPTV

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BVE Banner 475x126 Focus on 4K at BVE and MIPTV


Following the interest in Ultra HD at CES, the annual broadcasting events BVE and MIPTV will also focus on 4K resolution content

Whilst there were hints of the 4K revolution at BVE 2012 (JVC were showcasing their 4K camera and projection system for example), this year will feature dedicated seminars about the format.

With Futuresource Consulting predicting 4K channels to launch as soon as next year (ASTRA already operate an in-store demo 4K channel) the seminars aim to cover the entire acquisition and broadcast pipeline.

BVE have partnered with AJA Video Systems, Canon and RedShark to present a dedicated theatre set up, this year as part of the move to the larger Excel Centre in East London. The seminar (full details here) will be accompanied by exhibitors showcasing 4K capture and editing technology including Sony, Dynamic Drive Pool, Canon, AJA, For-A, GB Labs and JVC.

This is not to suggest 3D won’t be a part of the three day free event but it will be very low key compared to 4K. Sky 3D will be presenting the 3D Focus recommended documentary Galapagos 3D;   European 3d time-lapse film company Site-Eye, GoPro and TV Logic will also be exhibiting.

Entry is free when you register in advance.

BVE 4K Seminars include:

Inside the 4K Workflow
Andy Bellamy, Field Sales Engineer, AJA

The DSLR journey: from the 5D mk II to the 4K 1DC
Philip Bloom, Cinematographer

4K Workflow, Post Production & VFX
David Shapton, Editor, RedShark News

Why should Cinematographers care about 4K and what do Producers get out of it?
Geoff Boyle, Cinematographer

4K Digital Cinematography
David Shapton, Editor, RedShark News and Phil Rhodes,Cinematographer & Technologist

MIPTV moves away from 3D content

For the first time in several conferences, MIPTV will be dropping all 3D conferences.  Instead,  this year there will be a series of panels dedicated to 4K content.  On April 10th, the 4K TELEVISION’S NEXT REVOLUTION: SUPER SESSIONS, will aim to raise raise awareness among content producers and channels why it makes sound commercial sense to prepare today for 4K. 

It will be the first time MIPTV will create several conferences dedicated to 4K/Ultra HDTV. Conference speakers will include experts from broadcasters, aggregators, operators and producers who are pioneering the introduction of 4K programming.