Full colour DIY hologram kit makers seek backing

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The makers of the single colour Litiholo Hologram Kit are seeking funding to launch a full colour 3D hologram kit for consumers.

The makers are seeking $30,000 of funding via the crowd funding website Kickstarter and will use the money to quality-test the final red, green and blue laser diode choices out of several candidates already identified. They have already created and tested a unique "instant" full-colour hologram film and new hologram kit design. These are awaiting to be tested with the final laser choices and the financial backing will enable the volume-purchasing necessary to get the overall kit to an affordable price.

The final full colour Hologram Kit will come with 3 hologram-tested lasers in red, green, and blue, 20 plates of the "instant" full-color hologram film for making up to 20 different holograms, and everything else needed to be making full-color holograms. No chemicals or processing are required either.

For more information visit Litiholo and if you are interested in backing the project visit the Kickstarter page. Backing levels start from just $1.