LG 3D Reveals High Spec LW6500 “Cinema 3D TV”

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lg lw6500 3d flicker free 1 300x187 LG 3D Reveals High Spec LW6500 “Cinema 3D TV”LG has announced that it will reveal the LW6500 3D TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January.

The LG LW6500 is a 65” passive 3D TV meaning consumers will be paying a higher price upfront compared to the active (shutter glasses) equivalent but enjoy cheap low weight passive glasses and flicker free 3D viewing. There are no UK pricing details as yet.

The flicker free aspect of the LG LW6500 passive 3D TV is being highly promoted as it has received the first “flicker free” certification from the certification bodies Intertek and TUV.

LG seem to like third party certification. LG were the first company to launch a plasma 3D TV certified by THX – the Infinia 60PX950 last year.

You can watch the LG Infinia 60PX950 THX 3D certified TV video here …

Roll VT Logo LG 3D Reveals High Spec LW6500 “Cinema 3D TV”

Passive 3D TV sets have to be the future. The active shutter glass TVs might be cheap but the flicker is distracting, the glasses are expensive and easy to break plus they do not make for good social viewing.

The LW6500 3D TV is not full HD when viewed via the passive 3D glasses however which is the common problem with passive 3D TV sets but it does come with a host of features including 3D Light Boost which is a thin film which is claimed to show 3D images at a higher brightness level (again, another problem with 3D viewing in general).

The LW6500 has TruMotion 200Hzrefresh rate for blur free scenes with high levels of motion. It even has real time 2D – 3D conversion but, so far, in built 3D TV real time 2D – 3D conversion has been horrendous so it will be interesting whether LG have cracked it with the LW6500 and journalists at the CES will soon find out.

LG are marketing the LW 6500 as a Cinema 3D. One of the reasons is that it uses the Real D type passive 3D glasses and also it features a film type patterned retarder panel (FPR). The FPR technology has been licensed out to other TV manufacturers including Toshiba and Vizio (an American LCD manufacturer) and claims zero flicker, minimal cross talk and brighter screens.

Non 3D related features include Smart TV, LED plus and smart energy saving mode.

LG aim to roll out the LW6500 3D TV across markets after its introduction at CES this year.

“With the introduction of our innovative CINEMA 3DTM TV, LG is setting another standard for 3D entertainment,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. “For consumers who want to enjoy cinema-quality 3D at home with their family and friends, LG is now making that possible.”