LG launch eye-controlled video playback feature

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LG Optimus G Pro 475x313 LG launch eye controlled video playback feature


LG Electronics have announced a feature called Smart Video, which allows users to control playback of videos with their eyes

'Smart Video' will be unveiled for the first time in the Optimus G Pro.  Through the implementation of advanced eye recognition technology, 'Smart Video' recognises the position of the viewer’s eyes and automatically plays or stops the video without any manual input from the user. When the viewer’s eyes are no longer focused on the smartphone display, the front camera recognises this and immediately pauses the video automatically. Once the user’s gaze returns to the smartphone, the video resumes playback from the point last viewed.
In addition to the 'Smart Video' feature, Optimus G Pro will also be equipped with the world’s first Dual Camera function. The Dual Camera feature is an extension of the Dual Recording feature which debuted on the Optimus G Pro introduced in the Korean market last month. Dual Camera simultaneously captures photographs using both the front and back cameras for a picture-in-picture composition. 
The 'Smart Video' and Dual Camera features will be introduced as a part of the Value Pack upgrade which will be offered for the Optimus G Pro in the Korean market next month. These features will also be made available for some LG premium smartphones in the future.