New Shows Coming to Sky 3D

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A raft of new shows will premiere on Sky 3D over the next few weeks with Snoop Dogg to desert-dwelling elephants.

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Princes Trust Rock Gala 3D 300x194 New Shows Coming to Sky 3DThe Prince’s Trust Rock Gala 3D returns on December 25th at 21.00. Radio 1 presenter Edith Bowman and comedian Patrick Kielty will present an evening of entertainment from the Royal Albert Hall. Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton will also be treated to a special appearance from comedian and musician Tim Minchin. 

New Year’s Eve will see the premier of David Attenborough’s The Bachelor King 3D. The famous natural history broadcaster hosts the dramatic story of a lone penguin in the unforgiving Antarctic, as he battles to survive, find love and raise a family. The Bachelor King 3D will premiere December 31st at 20.00. Read the full 3D Focus The Bachelor King 3D here.

Following on from Britain & Ireland from the Sky (broadcast in June), Sky 3D viewers will get chance to fly over the channel to France. France from Above 3D will explore France’s capital in 3D including the view The Green Hornet 3D 300x174 New Shows Coming to Sky 3Dfrom the Ile de la Cité, the Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe and the famous Eiffel Tower and the glittering Champs Elysées. France From Above 3D will premiere Sunday 8 January 21.00.

Two 3D MTV productions will follow – MTV World Stage: Snoop Dogg and MTV World Stage: Isle of Malta. Snoop Dogg's performance at super-club Amnesia will be broadcast January 13th at 22.00. On January 20th at 22.00, MTV World Stage: Isle of Malta will feature electro pop groups LMFAO & Far East Movement performing their party anthems at the summer music event in Malta.

Next week sees the launch of 3D Games Review - a show that reviews the latest computer games that are available in 3D and on January 7th,  The Green Hornet 3D will see Seth Rogen and Jay Chou pull some crazy moves as they turn vigilante. (The Green Hornet received negative reviews for its poor post 2D to 3D conversion).

Beautiful Freaks 3D 300x260 New Shows Coming to Sky 3DDiscovery’s Nick Baker hosts a one hour natural history show called Beautiful Freaks 3D, produced by Tigress Productions in Nambia. Nick Baker embarks on a journey through Namibia in search of some of the world’s weirdest creatures. Beautiful Freaks 3D premieres Saturday 14 January at 21.00.

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The Sky 3D channel mainly consists of repeated material which is not a problem when there are so few subscribers. However, as 3D TV sales finally pick up and Sky is committed to a budget of over £600 million a year by 2014 for original commissions (a 50% increase) of which a portion will be allocated to 3D productions, one can expect an increase in new programming on the Sky 3D channel throughout 2012.

Head of Sky 3D John Cassy is confident of Sky 3D's growth having recently told TVB Europe "“We see the market taking off already. The UK market is already pretty substantial and the predictions for future sales are also strong. Without a doubt the market will develop at quite a decent rate.”

Read the full TVB Europe interview with John Cassy here.

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