New ‘White Screen’ to make 3D moves 40% brighter

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3D cinema royalty free New ‘White Screen’ to make 3D moves 40% brighter


RealD have announced Precision White Screen technology which combines 2D white screen performance with the ability to project polarised 3D images. 

Designed to deliver enhanced 2D and 3D presentations with wide viewing angles similar to white screens of equivalent gain, Precision White Screen technology features edges 4 to 5 times brighter than a standard silver screen. The improved screen efficiency results in 40% more total light coming off the screen, providing more uniform brightness than a standard silver screen. 
 “Precision White Screen technology delivers high quality 2D and 3D images with better brightness uniformity for an exceptional image on screen. With up to a forty degree half gain angle, optimal reflection performance can be designed for individual auditoriums depending on screen size and curvature; high gain for extra brightness or broader distribution of light for wider viewing angles,” said Joe Peixoto, President, Worldwide Cinema at RealD.
 “The RealD Precision White screen allows for a brilliant presentation with very even brightness and smooth texture to the image. It is simply the best 3D I have seen. And 2D presentations on this surface have a forceful visual impact when compared to a silver screen. Combined with the RealD XL’s high light output, this screen provides the best 3D cinema presentation available today,” said Ian Bidgood, Technical Director – Digital Intermediate, Park Road Post Production which utilised a Precision White Screen for the world premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
“RealD’s Precision White Screen is a great step forward in screen technology. It is now the centerpiece of our new “MuviXL” experience in Thousand Oaks, California, and soon to be in Chicago and South Florida. Guests, wherever they sat in the auditorium, have offered praise for a perceptibly clearer, brighter 3D image that seemed to float off the screen,” said Neil F. Bretan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Muvico Theaters.
22,200 screens worldwide are equipped with RealD 3D by approximately 1,000 exhibitors in 68 countries. 


  • Olivier

    If this screen is so bright, it must also be more directional. What about the viewers sitting on the sides of the projection theater?