Professional 3D photography software slashed by 50%

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For one week only, glasses free 3D specialists Triaxes are offering a 25% discount on all their glasses free 3D photography software and 3D Focus has negotiated an extra 25% discount for its readers.

review dividing line Professional 3D photography software slashed by 50%

Triaxes, a company part of the Elecard Group, has a history of high end auto-stereoscopic 3D applications for both print and television. Their NetJet application impressed audiences at last year’s IBC conference which converted a live feed from a stereo pair camera into a format viewable on a 28 view Dimenco glasses free 3D screen in real time.

The company also offer a range of software packages which are used in the professional market by brand agencies, advertisers and artists to create glasses free 3D multi-view lenticular posters in a range of sizes.
3D MasterKit (3DMK) processes a series of photos taken from a single camera; aligns and interlaces them for output to a standard inkjet printer right up to polygraph equipment. Users with a good printer, a single digital camera and a rail/slider (which can be purchased from Amazon for around £140) can use the software to produce stunning 3D results of people, events, animals, objects (or whatever!) either as a hobby or as part of a profitable business. When people are amazed by what you achieve it is incredibly rewarding both personally and possibly financially.

Aside from 3D (where even the parallax can be adjusted), users can create flip, animation and morph effects using 3DMK.

An additional software application called Triaxes StereoTracer is a depth map generation tool. Using similar algorithms that the glasses free 3D TV solutions use, StereoTracer generates multiple images from just two images. These multiple images can then be imported into 3DMK for interlacing. If you are unsure whether you would need StereoTracer please contact us (details below).

Produced for the higher end of the market, the software is usually priced out of the consumer category but from today up to the Feb 19th, Triaxes have slashed the price of all software packages by 25%. However, 3D Focus has been so impressed with Triaxes after visiting the company last October, we have negotiated an extra 25% for one week only.


To take advantage of this offer, click here for 3DMK to see the range of options available.

Click on USD at the top. The prices will automatically be reduced by 25%.

Once you have decided which package is suitable for you email for your discount code.

If you are interested in StereoTracer click here. The same process of getting the entire 50% discount is the same.

3D Focus will provide full unlimited support if you purchase the software.

If you are unsure what package is suitable for you or you want general advice about the lenticular 3D photography process please call 07846208801.

VIDEO – Martin Hausler 3D poster showing 'look around' effect using Triaxes 3D MasterKit