Samsung and LG launch goliath 3D TVs

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The two Korean TV rivals are sizing up to each other with super sized screens for the super premium 3D TV market. 

review dividing line Samsung and LG launch goliath 3D TVs

On one side of the ring is LG who are planning to sell an 84” ultra HD 3D TV. Although there are no broadcasts of 3,840 × 2,160 resolution programming, there are 4K camcorders on the market for those who want to watch their home videos in the ultra clear format. Also, 3D movies and television programmes will benefit as people will be able to watch them in full HD. Current HD sets suffer a halving of resolution when viewed through passive 3D glasses.

LG 84 Inch 3D Set 475x280 Samsung and LG launch goliath 3D TVs

LG are only releasing the passive 3DTV in Korea in August with no confirmation as to whether it will be released in other markets.

On the other side of the ring is Samsung who have announced a 75” active 3D TV. Although smaller than its rival’s 84” set, the Samsung ES9000 does include a pre-installed copy of the gesture controlled version of Angry Birds and Skype video calling support. The £6370 LED 3D TV is also set to be launched in August and includes four pairs of 3D glasses.

Samsung 75 Inch 3DTV Samsung and LG launch goliath 3D TVs
What do you think? If money was no object would you buy the biggest set available? Or would you rather use a 3D projector? Let us know below.


  • justin

    I want to replace my Panasonic front projector with a passive 3D one when prices come down.I’ve watched both passive and active.Even though you loose some resolution with passive, it is a lot more comfortable for me.So; I’m wounder if and when will a reasonable priced passive 3D front projector will be avalable.I do’nt have much time to waite.I’m 76.

  • big

    For LESS THAN £6370 you can buy two projectors and some filters and watch some passive action on a 100inch screen using passive glasses. Or buy a single FULL HD 3D projector for way less money and still pump out 100inches of full hd 3d onto your screen and watch using active glasses……………..WAY CHEAPER.