Spice Mobility Launch View D – Glasses Free 3D Mobile

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Indian mobile handset manufacturer, Spice Mobility has launched a glasses free 3D mobile phone for under £70. Called the View D, the 2.4" display will be able to show 3D videos and 3D photos.

The auto-stereoscopic display will provide the user a 3D experience without the 3D glasses, making it easy for single viewing. The View D’s screen is designed in such a way that the user can toggle between a normal 2D or 3D user interface as per their choice.

With growing popularity of 3D content and devices,this is one segment we wanted to tap. We have created this new device for people looking for smart mobile phones,” Spice Mobility Vice President (Marketing) Naveen Paul recently announced. It is hoped that Spice Mobility will sell between 20,000 – 30,000 units per month.


One can safely assume this is a sign of things to come, as mobile handset manufacturers seek new ways of differentiating their handsets. Glasses free 3D screen technology is dirt cheap so it is an easy way to add a feature that is such a craze right now at a low cost. A 2.4" screen is very small however – do you really want to be watching 3D content on such a small screen?

Tablets, smart phones and the upcoming Nintendo 3DS will all soon be offering glasses free 3D but yet again, the demand is purely speculative – However, with glasses free 3D screens so cheap to add, it might be a risk worth taking.