Stereobank and Dimenco boost glasses free 3D content

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3D stock footage company Stereobank and lenticular display manufacturer Dimenco have joined forces to convert many hours of footage to a glasses free 3D format.

review dividing line Stereobank and Dimenco boost glasses free 3D content

Stereobank 3D genres Stereobank and Dimenco boost glasses free 3D content

The deal means a lot of Stereobank’s native 3D library footage, which includes genres of food, sport, lifestyle, wildlife, aerials and exotic world locations as well as slow-motion and 4K formats, will be processed through Dimenco’s proprietary software tools to extract depth-maps from stereo. These can be either sent to auto-stereoscopic displays that have integrated the Dimenco Rendering Core (2D-plus-Z) or render multiple viewing points (5-28) and make this content available to any auto-stereoscopic display available in the market.

ʻWatching this footage on a 3D screen without glasses was like looking at the world through a window. Stereobank's 3D footage is definitely adapted to any 3D screen technology.' said Morgan David de Lossy from Stereobank.

“Our unique partnership with Stereobank makes their extensive library of 3D content available for any auto-stereoscopic display, providing the market a sensible and cost-effective way to provide an immersive 3D experience without the need to wear special glasses.” says Maarten Tobias CEO of Dimenco.

Meet Stereobank's team on booth L108 at the NAB show in Las Vegas 16 -19 april 2012.

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