Will the EyeFly3D finally make 3D on phones popular?

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Eyefly 3D A 475x258 Will the EyeFly3D finally make 3D on phones popular?


Nanoveu have invented a fully functional iPhone 5 protector that doubles as a glasses free 3D display called the EyeFly 3D

Five years of research and development have gone into making the device which has harnessed nano technology to make 500,000 0.1mm thick lenses (pictured below) which bend light in two different directions, for a left and right stereo pair.  
Developed in Singapore by Temasek Polytechnic (TP) and A*STAR's Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, the EyeFly 3D will go on sale globally in May.
EyeFly 3D Prisms 475x245 Will the EyeFly3D finally make 3D on phones popular?
Founder and CEO Alfred Chong is very optimistic saying that if the company was able to address just 1% of the smartphone/tablet market they would have "a few hundred million dollar business". 
He also expects to be profitable within just one year.
Existing 3D content will work with the device, including the thousands of 3D videos on YouTube and two apps have been produced specifically for it – '3D Images' and '3D Videos'. 
At the moment, it is available for pre-order for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch priced at $34.95. In the coming months, versions for the iPad 4 and Samsung Galaxy 4 will go on sale.
EyeFly3D C 475x259 Will the EyeFly3D finally make 3D on phones popular?
Spatial View brought out a similar device for the iPhone range called the 3DeeSlide. However, unlike the EyeFly 3D, it made 2D viewing difficult and was fairly bulky.  From the sounds of this, it is not very different to a regular phone protector film.  The makers say that the EyeFly 3D does not reduce screen brightness either, unlike some others that can do so by up to 50%.
Whether there really will be a demand for this remains to be seen.  Lacklustre sales of the LG Optimus 3D and HTC EVO 3D suggested glasses free 3D is not a sought after function for most smartphone users, with higher resolution screens being the priority ever since.  However, Nanoveu have been clever to make the EyeFly 3D a fully functional screen protector which won’t affect a smartphone’s capabilities, removing a barrier to accessing 3D content.


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