World’s first 3D glasses with full eye tracking developed

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Eye tracking 3d glasses 475x258 Worlds first 3D glasses with full eye tracking developed


SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) have partnered with Volfoni to develop Microsoft Kinect compatible stereoscopic eyewear that allows people to interact with their environments through gaze

Combining Volfoni Active (shutter) Eye technology, head and motion tracking as well as mobile eye tracking, the glasses will offer new insights into a user's interaction, for example while navigating through virtual urban spaces or while looking at 3D product designs.  It is also aimed to improve product pre-testing and 3D gaming.

When 6D Head Tracking is added, the user experiences full immersion as well as gaze detection on 3D objects, meaning he or she can interact with virtual elements of an environment simply by looking at them.

SMI Eye Tracking Glasses are worn like a normal pair of glasses. Eye tracking is accomplished by two small cameras on the rim of the glasses while a scene camera records the field of view of the user.  The eye tracker also detects the eye distance of the wearer by measuring the eyes' convergence, which allows for an individually optimised experience.


Ingmar Gutberlet , Director of Sales&Marketing, SensoMotoric Instruments said: "This trend-setting development achieved in close collaboration with our partners will help to advance user experience testing in virtual spaces prior to realization of cost-intensive projects. Moreover, eye control with real 3D experience will add another level of entertainment to consumer applications such as video games."

Bernard Mendiburu , VP Professional Markets, Volfoni Group: "I am extremely proud to introduce these Stereo 3D Gaze Tracking Glasses with the world leaders SMI and ART. They combine the highest quality 3D lenses from Volfoni and the best in class tracking systems. It is exciting to see the new business and research potentials developing around this master piece of technology. We see it everywhere form VR-labs all the way to marketing tools."

Ulrich Probost , Sales Director, A.R.T. GmbH: "We are proud of  being a partner during this development. The resulting product which combines eyetracking, 3D glasses and headtracking is definitely a great add-on for Virtual Reality systems. We believe that this product will provide valuable service for all marketing related or psychological investigations in virtual environments."

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