World’s first true 3D stock photography site launches

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ZPartners have launched a 3D stock portal and are inviting people to contribute before the transactional functionality goes live

review dividing line World’s first true 3D stock photography site launches

3D Stock Photos World’s first true 3D stock photography site launches, was officially launched at NSA’s 3D-Con in Los Angeles last week.

Phase one of the rights-managed stock photo website is the Contributor Portal, an ingestion engine that will allow photographers and artists to upload stereoscopic 3D, multi-view and lenticular content.

There are currently over 1300 samples available under categories such as abstract, conversions, high speed, science and people. 3D Stock Photos also offer 3D glasses, 3D advertising services, lenticular and 2D->3D conversion services as well as consultations.

If you are a good 2D or 3D photographer and have a good grasp on what makes a high-quality 3D image, then you can register on the Contributor Portal.  You must first upload 3 images for evaluation before being cleared to upload further. Editors will evaluate your work and inform you if you have qualified. Once you have 3 qualified images, the quota will be lifted and you'll be able to upload your library. The owners are asking for content in all subject areas, “to meet advertising and high-end consumer content”.

“The time is right for 3D stock photography as technology is changing at a rapid pace and glasses-free displays are becoming more and more common,” said Harvey Jewett, Chief Marketing Officer of ZPartners, Inc.

“Using a Rights-Managed model combined with  the relatively lower volume of 3D images in the world compared to 2D  will mean more revenue opportunity for our contributors,” Jewett continued.  “3D is a new avenue for income and offers an escape from the ‘race to the bottom’ issues facing the 2D industry.”

“The days are early, but growth is beginning to explode in advertising and the deluge of consumer devices has just begun.”

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