Yabazam 3D video app reaches over 300,000 downloads

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xenopod 475x266 Yabazam 3D video app reaches over 300,000 downloads

Government forces are called in when a mysterious object enters Earth’s atmosphere in XENOPOD 3D on Yabazam

DDD Group’s cross platform 3D video portal is now averaging 2000 sessions per day.

Launched by DDD Group in 2009, Yabazam is a revenue sharing platform dedicated to 3D content.  It is available on PCs via a website and LG and Samsung 3DTVs via an app which streams shorts, comedy, music videos, animations and other genres. 

The company has just begun rolling out the Smart TV app to New Zealand, Poland and Russia bringing the total number of countries where the LG Smart TV Yabazam app is available to 17.

3D Focus has been informed that the Smart TV app has now been downloaded over 300,000 times, with over 400,000 3D trailer views in the past quarter alone.

In order to view the 3D photos, trailers, and movies provided on Yabazam, people need to download the TriDef 3D Media Player which also functions as a 2D to 3D photo and video conversion utility.

There is a wide variety of genres of the platform and talking to 3D Focus,  Yabazam Content Acquisition Manager Ariela Stern, said some are are more popular than others: “We have seen Sci-Fi and animations do really well but we haven’t seen so much success for comedy which makes sense.  It’s not as transferrable across all different countries but I think that is just as much of an issue in 2D.”

Yabazam faces competition from 3Doo and 3DGO! as well as a crowded Smart TV app market place but Ariela Stern believes Yabazam can still stand out: “It is competitive but variety is good and people always want more and more programmes.  What’s really nice is we really are the only 3D app that’s live across multiple platforms.  Its simple as there are no controls to figure out.  It automatically switches your TV to 3D mode and even detects your bandwidth, adjusting the resolution accordingly. 

All these things make the user experience valuable and enjoyable.  Right now all 3D content is premium content; there is a desire and an appetite for it.  People want it and we do believe people are hungry for more content.”

Recently, DDD signed a deal with Gadmei to install the TriDef 3D video SDK to convert 2D videos into 3D on the E8-3D 8" tablets.  They are expecteded to launch in this quarter and DDD will receive quarterly royalty revenues from Gadmei, based on the volume of 3D tablets shipped.

To see what is available on Yabazam visit the website.


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    3DGO.com officially launched on Vizio 3DTVs today with Disney and Paramount Studios as partners. It will be interesting to watch this market evolve.