YouTube 3D Videos Can Now Be Watched on NVIDIA 3D Vision PCs

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youtube nvidia glasses 300x249 YouTube 3D Videos Can Now Be Watched on NVIDIA 3D Vision PCsYouTube already offers a range of 3D viewing options but now, people who own a NVIDIA 3D Vision equipped PCs or laptops, will be able to watch current and future YouTube 3D videos in full screen and full colour wearing active glasses. YouTube's new HTML 5 stereo 3D player is also set to be supported by other 3D devices in the future.

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Back in 2009, YouTube launched its 3D video service as a result of engineer Peter Bradshaw working on the project in his spare time (YouTube engineers are allocated 20% of their working hours to working on new projects).

Since then, over 6000 stereoscopic videos have been uploaded to the popular video sharing site. Users can upload side by side videos and then, by simply inserting the tag yt3d:enable=true, can offer viewers a variety of 3D viewing options including coloured glasses and interleaved.

Today’s announcement means that owners of  NVIDIA 3D Vision active glasses based systems can view the current YouTube 3D videos if streamed via the browser Firefox 4.0 which supports the YouTube HTML 5 youtube nivia screenshot YouTube 3D Videos Can Now Be Watched on NVIDIA 3D Vision PCsStereo Video Player.


Amongst the 3D viewing options is HTML5 Stereo View (Including NVIDIA 3D Vision). HTML5 stereo view is a standards-compliant way of watching 3D content, using special hardware and software: HTML5 stereo view adheres to web standards, so, although it will only work with NVIDIA’S 3D Vision ecosystems now, YouTube aims to expand support for additional standards-compliant devices in the future.

NIVIDIA Vision Live have launched a dedicated website which showcases the best 3D YouTube videos and obviously the ones that work best with the NVIDIA 3D Vision system which you can view here:

In order to be able to watch 3D YouTube videos using the NVIDIA 3D Vision system you will need a GeForce graphics card, a 3D Vision ready display (120 hertz refresh rate), Firefox 4.0 and 3DTV Play software for TV viewing

“We’re excited to introduce HTML5 and WebM support to the thousands of 3D videos available on YouTube,” said Jonathan Huang 3D Product Manager at YouTube. “By embracing these open standards, NVIDIA 3D Vision users now have a great way of experiencing YouTube’s library of 3D content.”

“Firefox with 3D Vision creates a stunning and smooth 3D video experience using HTML5 video based on open standards,” said Jay Sullivan, VP of Products at Mozilla. “3D Vision from NVIDIA is a great example of the rich, innovative experiences that are being built on top of the speed and graphics power that Firefox delivers to the Web.”

“Sales of our ASUS G series notebooks with 3D Vision have been strong,” said Ben Thacker, vice president of Systems Business Group-Distribution, ASUS North America. “Now that users can view YouTube videos in high-quality 3D, we expect interest in the ASUS 3D Vision models to grow significantly.”

NVIDIA are expecting this new partnership to expand the popularity of user generated 3D videos taken with consumer 3D cameras from the likes of JVC and Sony. NVIDIA have positioned their website as the YouTube of 3D with a large array of content which will now be greatly expanded to thanks to this agreement. Also, people can now embed 3D videos into their own websites using the YouTube 3D Video player.

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“YouTube 3D on an NVIDIA 3D Vision PC is an amazing experience,” said Phil Eisler, general manager of 3D Vision at NVIDIA. “Now 3D Vision PC users can enjoy over 525 games, YouTube videos and photos in theater-quality, full-resolution 3D.”

For more information about embedding YouTube 3D videos or streaming HTML5 videos from your own site, visit For more information about watching YouTube videos with 3D Vision, visit: