Stream TV on target to launch consumer glasses free 3D TV

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Philadelphia-based new media company Stream TV Networks will announce a deal with a major TV manufacturer to launch a glasses free 3D TV without viewing zones.

The announcement will be made at IFA in Berlin and the TV set maker in question is said to produce sets for major retail chains.

Stream’s Ultra-D technology is based on a software and hardware layer to convert high-definition images into a format suitable for glasses-free 3D TVs, which removes the distorted images produced by multiple viewing angles. 

The company has already signed a deal with Pegatron (Unihan), one of the largest global consumer electronics manufacturers in the world who serves brands such as Apple, Lenovo, HP, Asus and Toshiba.

Mathu Rajan, CEO Stream TV Networks says: “True 3D should be like looking out through a window – a natural experience not an optical illusion. Stream TV does not use a parallax-effect to split left and right images to deceive the eye into believing it is seeing 3D.”

It is claimed that the viewer can move his or her side to side without the ‘jumps’ between viewing zones, an artefact of existing lenticular displays. The Ultra-D technology will be integrated into a glasses free 42” LCD TV by the autumn and will retail for about $2000. Co-branded autostereo TVs will also be sold in China thanks to a deal with BOE and Konka.

Stream TV is ploughing resources into marketing and public awareness. Ultra-D 42” screens will be installed in high traffic areas across the globe in time for the Olympics. People in London will be able to watch live Olympics 3D coverage without glasses in the Walkabout pub, Covent Garden from July 23rd.  Ultra-D TVs will also be available in New York, Philadelphia, Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai Edinburgh, Prague, Berlin and Paris. A display will also be installed at the BBC Television Centre and BBC Media Centre this week.

Live 2D and stereoscopic 3D broadcasts will be auto-converted into autostereo 3D without in real-time using the Ultra-D™ SeeCube™ Conversion Box. The SeeCube™ is the heart of the Ultra-D™ technology which converts nearly all forms of content to the Ultra-D 3D without glasses format. “From the Grand Opening Ceremony to everything sports offers, consumers can watch in spectacular glasses-free 3D” says Mathu Rajan, CEO of Stream TV Networks.

Later this year, Stream TV Networks will showcase the technology on a 5” 3D smartphone.