Stream’s glasses free 3D tech gets distribution in China

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Stream TV Networks’ Ultra-D auto-stereo technology and conversion boxes will be distributed in China by flat-panel makers Konka and BOE.

Mathu Rajan, Stream TV Networks CEO, said "the distribution arrangements will give Stream TV Network's Ultra-D technology access to most parts of mainland China. More than 38 percent of the TVs sold in China this year have been 3DTVs, and the introduction of a world-class autostereoscopic technology like Ultra-D is expected to further that trend."

"Stream TV's relationships with Konka and BOE are indicative of the company's global growth strategy, which prioritize China given its status as the largest consumer market for 3D media," the company said in a statement announcing the partnerships. "Both Konka and BOE rank among the top 10 technology companies in China, where Konka is considered a tier-one consumer electronics brand and BOE is a leader in the display industry. Together, they will give Ultra-D massive presence in retail across China."

Stream TV Networks will place prototype screens in high traffic areas across China so people can watch 3D footage of the London Olympics in 3D without glasses. Prototypes will also be placed in venues in New York, Philadelphia and London over the coming weeks.

The Ultra-D system is a combination of hardware and software. A lenticular panel is used to produce the 3D effect and a conversion box, known as SeeCube, converts 2D footage to glasses free 3D footage in real time. The company claim that the Ultra-D system has minimalised the issue of off-angle viewing.

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