Fraunhofer HHI reveal details of 3D TV Producer Bootcamp

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For the first time, the MIPTV 3D conference will include a 3D Bootcamp, hosted by the Fraunhoher Heinrich Hertz Institute. Kathleen Schroeter, Executive Manager of the 3D Innovation Center in Berlin, reveals a sneak preview of what will be on show.

review dividing line Fraunhofer HHI reveal details of 3D TV Producer Bootcamp

3D Bootcamp 300x260 Fraunhofer HHI reveal details of 3D TV Producer BootcampAhead of the opening of the 3D Innovation Centre in Berlin, the Fraunhofer HHI will be holding a special 2.5 hour bootcamp on Wednesday April 4th between 10.00 – 12.30pm. Kathleen Schroeter will talk about some of the projects the institute has been involved with, including recent research in the field of broadcasting cameras plus provide some details about what the 3D Innovation Centre will offer.

Stephan Heimbecher from Sky Deutschland will talk about “3DTV past and now”. He will discuss the problems and solutions of broadcasting live German football in 3D and illustrate the optimum positions for cameras during a live 3D sports broadcast.

Marc Briede from Chroma TV & Film, will present three different productions including a 3D concert. Chroma can boast a lot of experience in 3D, especially in the commercials sector.

Gerd F. Schultze from Music Delight, will present a ‘behind-the-scenes’ session about ‘The Scorpians Live in 3D’ concert. Gerd F. Schultze is new in the 3D field, coming from 2D DVD concert production field and can show that one should not hesitate to work in 3D when working with in partnership with experienced 3D companies.

Sven Weissenfels, from D Telekom, will present a session called  '3DTV live & on Demand to Entertain' and Sebastian Knorr from imcube labs will put his case forward as to why so many movies and parts of movies need conversion. Part of this presentation will include a 5 min showreel illustrating imcube’s 2D to 3D conversion processes.

All speakers will then join a panel discussion joined by Guenther Herrmann from EX3D/ Marchon 3D who will be bringing their designer passive 3D Glasses to the event. Marchon 3D have recently launched a 3D glasses shop called 3eyed.

Attendees to the MIPTV market will be free to attend the 3D Bootcamp on April 4th which follows the 3DTV conference on April 3rd. The Korea 3D Showcase also returns this year on Level 01/13.14. 

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