Storm Surfers 3D to go 360

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Storm Surfers 3D will spread across multiple platforms

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After the success of the TV series, Storm Surfers 3D will offer an insight into the lives of big wave surfers in Australia and New Zealand from the summer of this year, through gaming, 3D TV and exclusive online 3D content.

The feature film and TV series were shot in 2011 as Aussie tow-surfing legend Ross Clarke-Jones, two-time world champion Tom Carroll and meteorologist Ben Matson completed eight surfing missions in a single season and captured world-first 3D footage at breaks around Australia and Hawaii, including a secret virgin reef-break 75 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia.

The series will bring together accessible science and real-life drama through “the most spectacular surf images ever captured on film”. Storm Surfers 3D will roll out globally in 2012 through cinemas, TV, live shows, Internet and mobile.

The producers will leverage the brand and expand it through several platforms and applications. There will be a 1 x 90 minute 3D / 2D movie for global release; 4 x 50 minute 3D / 2D TV series (for Sky 3D in the UK, 3Net in America and AXN in Italy); 10 x 2 minute 3D 'How-To' webisode series; a 10 x 3 minute 2D 'Profile' webisode series; Interactive game for smart phones and tablets; a 90 page eMagazine for iOS and Android tablets and a rich media website.

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The series will be supported by a Facebook and extensive social media marketing campaign with merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers and surfboard wax made available.

6ixty Foot Productions will manage all the properties of the Storm Surfers 3D brand and will work with distribution partners Red Bull Media House and Madman Entertainment for the sales of the film and TV series.

The Storm Surfers brand goes back to 2008 with Storm Surfers – Dangerous Banks followed by Storm Surfers – New Zealand in 2010. The series has screened in more than 100 countries, had 1.8 million video views online and has generated a loyal fan base.

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UK viewers will be able to watch the first episode on Storm Surfers 3D on Sky 3D in the summer.

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