3D Focus has joined forces with 3D to glasses free 3D specialists Triaxes after evaluating several solutions on the market. We now represent the company in the UK.

If you distribute 3D content and would like to present your content on a glasses free 3D lenticular display for a conference, public display or to sell your content, the Triaxes DepthGate service manually converts S3D content every frame into a format that can be viewed, without glasses by multiple people.

By generating two depth maps rather than one, the Triaxes DepthGate solution delivers an unmatched quality that produces footage that appears to have been filmed with multiple cameras.


We don’t expect you to take our word for it so we can convert up to half a minute of your stereo (left and right) content into an autostereo format for FREE and for no obligation. If you do not have access to a lenticular screen, we can also arrange for you to see your content on a state-of-the art 42” Dimenco lenticular display in the heart of London.

All you would need to do is supply us with your clip as either a Side-by-Side file (1920 X 1080 resolution or other resolution) or two separate files. Most compression standards are supported such as WMV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and AVC. This will need to be uploaded to your FTP server or our FTP service. Within two weeks, we will return your content with a 2D+Depth map which, you can test yourself or see on our Dimenco screen in central London.

DepthGate artists will manual adjustments on the scene level including colour correction and alignment adjustment if required. The output of the solution can be viewed on any manufacturers glasses free 3D display such as Alioscopy, Dimenco and Tridelity. The prices are also lower than you might expect.

If you are interested in a demo or would like to find out more about the services email jonathan@triaxes.co.uk.