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Jonathan Profile Pic Meet the teamJonathan has worked in various sectors of the media industry including inflight entertainment and Australian broadcast news. After leaving the role as online marketing co-ordinator at a TV channel which serves the Third Sector, he freelanced for the popular science magazine How It Works. His lifelong interest in the 3D and attractions industry led him to launching which timed well with the resurgent interest in 3D entertainment. Since then, he has devoted his time establishing the website as a reliable 3D news resource, forming close links with the 3D production industry and facilitating the sharing of experience, skills and knowledge in this new wave of entertainment.

Adrian Pennington Profile Picture Meet the teamAdrian is a journalist and editor with a specialism in film and TV production. A Cambridge University alumni and Winner of the Anne Frankel Award for film criticism in 1992, he went on to review film and interview stars like Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor and Kate Beckinsale for Premiere and occasionally some of his heroes like Nicolas Roeg and Michaelangelo Antonioni. A freelancer since 2007, Adrian has contributed to The Guardian and The Financial Times, co-produced the conference 3D Masters in 2010 and 2011 and is Managing Editor of The IBC Daily. His first book Exploring 3D is published by Focal Press. He still harbours ambitions to be a war correspondent. 

James ILiff 3D Focus Profile Meet the team

James has immersed himself in the thriving industries of Los Angeles, and constantly seeks out culminations where the fields mergeJames is studying Interactive Entertainment at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, doing a number of virtual reality and motion capture based projects such as Shayd and Wild Skies. Currently working at Insomniac Games, he has taught game design and modding at UCLA with internalDrive, developed website and branding elements with tech marketing agency talkTECH Communications, and blogs about virtual reality, cinema, and technology on his personal site,  

Banghao Xi Profile1 Meet the teamBanghao Xi is the 3D Focus China Correspondent. As the Chinese 3D market booms, Banghao Xi reports on the latest 3D developments in a country that has embraced 3D content. Originally from Wuhu, China, Banghao studied in the UK, graduating with a Master Degree in Economics and Finance for Development from Bradford University. Fluent in English and Mandarin, he is a keen Badminton player and avid watcher of The Voice! Banghao is very interested in the role 3D will have in the creative industries in his home country. For all Chinese 3D related questions, feature suggestions and press releases email